dpi design is a full service architectural interior design and visualization company. our mission is to provide complete high quality design solutions with an efficient and flexible workflow, supported by leading technology and creative concepts. the studio is based in Budapest and employs a team of architects that has solid experience in architectural design with particular attention to energy and environmental issues. our selected specialist engeneer partners and experts are ready to provide the best possible solutions in building technology, with special focus on energy efficiency and renewable solutions and also supporting sutainability certification procedures such as LEED.


miklós dombi

born in 1970
architect - 1998
lecturer at Széchenyi István University, Győr
arch. dep. - 2004
tamás pintér

born in 1973
architect - 1997
MBA - 2008


dpi design kft
1111 Budapest,
Karinthy út 12.
+36 30 96 46 027
+36 30 97 71 846